Within the framework of the project SPOT, we, at the consortium of companies and research institutions, will on the basis of in-depth research and development realize global technological breakthrough in the field of creating self-adaptability of household appliances. The developed solutions will enable home appliances to detect and recognize key parameters on their own, and subsequently make automatic performance adjustments using advanced technologies. The device setup and operation will be automated to such an extent that far less user input will be required. In some segments, these devices will offer quality of life which will be at an unimaginably higher level with regard to limitations to which we are accustomed to with the current state-of-the-art technology.

All solutions proposed in the project are based in the field of detection systems – sensors of advanced control systems and implementation systems – actuators, activation of cooperation with SMEs, larger industries and academies, and implementation of developed self-adaptive breakthrough technologies.

The project combines important research work of seven partners, three Slovenian research institutions and four key innovation-oriented companies that operate in transdisciplinary and complementary fashions. The implementation of the project will significantly enhance the competitive position of SPOT consortium partners on global markets. An established platform for close cooperation between research institutions and the economy will create synergies and a critical mass of competences within the project, which will allow for true global breakthroughs in research and development.